Hector J. Ortega is an up-and-coming artist from South Jersey.  He was born December 1, 1983 in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Hector spent most of his life growing up in Salem, New Jersey.  After graduating from Salem High School in (2002) he decided to take some time off from schooling.  In (2004) Hector decided to take his art talent seriously and enrolled in The Art Institute of Philadelphia.  Where in (2008) he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts and Animation.  In (2016) Hector started his own one man production company called Blue Sight Studios, LLC. In June of (2018) Hector published his first art book titled, "HIGH OFF MY OWN SUPPLIES: ART OF HECTOR J. ORTEGA". Since then Hector has published two more books, "PERMANENT ADDICTION VOLUME ONE: THE ONE ABOUT OCTOBER" and "PERMANENT ADDICTION VOLUME TWO: THE ONE ABOUT SKULLS".  His work can also be seen on the cover of "HUMANITY: THE ALIEN PROJECT ANCIENT ASTRONAUT THEORY" written by Vincenzo J Macrino.  He also illustrated, "THE MANY ADVENTURES OF ERIK AND ARNOLD: GOOD MORNING GLADIATOR" written by H. N. Whitaker. Hector also designed a independent movie poster for SaintSinners Entertainment, "SICKNESS" directed by Brandon E. Brooks.  Hector is a hard working father of two kids and continues to strive for greatness.